Friday, 1 May 2015

Lamb Heart Skewers and Zucchini Boats

Thursday Dinner

- Lamb Heart Skewers
- Zucchini Boats
- Chinese Cabbage Salad

Have you ever had lamb heart?  It's not as gross as you think.  It is definitely less smelly than other organs such as kidney or liver.  It has very little fat and the texture is chewy when cooked.  For the prep, I rinsed the heart and removed the visible white fat, cut into a bite size pieces then soaked in water for about 5mins.  You can soak in water overnight if you want.  Drained well and marinated with two different flavours, one with Harissa and the other with salt, garlic powder and sesame oil.  Thread onto skewers and cook on a grill pan.

I always cook skewers on a sheet of aluminium foil for a easy cleaning.  It's worth it even if you don't believe in the disposable, non-biodegradable stuff.  No one likes scrubbing a hot and heavy cast iron griddle that doesn't fit in a sink for hours.

For the side dish, I made zucchini boats with a tin tuna.  This might be the ultimate entree for a dinner party because it is easy, you can prep in advance and when the time comes, all you need is to put them in the oven.  I used onion, carrot, red capsicum, 90g tuna for the filling but can be substituted with shredded chicken, pulled pork/beef or minced meat with any other veggies you have in hand.  This can also be stuffed in tomatoes, capsicums or mushrooms.   Just top with cheese and cook in the oven for 10mins.  I used bocconcini this time.

The salad is made with Chinese cabbage, crumbled Tofu, Nori seaweed, dried bonito flakes and Shiso Dressing.

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