Monday, 23 March 2015

Low-Carb Siu Mai Dumplings

Sunday Dinner

- Low-Carb Siu Mai Dumplings
- Steamed Veggies
- Glass Noodle Soup

I made Siu Mai Dumlings for Sunday night.  I call them "Shumai" (焼売) in Japanese.  In the past, I made low-carb versions of this popular dim-sim menu with shredded cabbage but with no cabbage in hand, I just coated with arrowroot powder.  It was an experiment.  I don't know if it needed to.  I think I will just be happy with meatballs as long as Siu Mai flavour is there.  

For Siu Mai, mix (by hand) 500g pork mince, 200g minced onion, 20g minced ginger, 4g salt and pepper and massage very well.  Roll it into balls and steam for 12~15mins.

Although my husband loved them, I like my Siu Mai to be less meaty and little more doughy.  I would add small amount of Okara and minced cabbage or celery next time.

I made soup with the hot water used for steaming Siu Mai.  Added a Dashi pack, glass noodle and the veggies that couldn't fit in the steamer.

Neither glass noodle nor arrowroot powder are low carb so use them with caution.

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