Wednesday, 1 April 2015

RS Takikomi Gohan

Tuesday Dinner

- RS Takikomi Gohan
- Braised Veggies (leftover)
- Carrot Salad (leftover)
- Braised Kale and Fried Tofu (leftover)
- Sauerkraut

Have you heard of Resistant Starch (RS)?  I read an article about how to cook rice to reduce its calories (source below).  Well, I don't care about calories but I do like how this method of cooking rice can reduce up to 60% of starch that body absorbs.

The method is easy.  Cook rice with 1tsp of coconut oil then store in a fridge for 12 hrs.   This changes starch and makes it harder to be absorbed in a small intestine which results in reducing a blood sugar rise.  This got to be good and the effects is not reversed when the rice is reheated.  So I cooked the rice this way.

All I did was to cook Takikomi Gohan (Japanese flavoured rice) using the leftover sauce from braised pork with some veggies.  The leftover sauce contained pork fat so I thought that would do what coconut oil do.

I can't tell you if my small intestine absorbed 60% less starch or not, but the rice turned out fluffy, not sticky and tasted pretty good.  I will try cooking rice this way when I do from now on.  Well, I already freeze my germinated brown rice so i hope freezing does the same as refrigerating.


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