Wednesday, 11 March 2015

GBR Sushi Rolls

Tuesday Dinner

- Sushi rolls (tuna, spam)
- Osuimono soup (lettuce, okra)
- Homemade Tofu with red sauce

Carb dinner last night, ran out of meat.  I only make sushi rolls once or twice a year.  I should make more often since I'm a proud Japanese but it is such a hassle, definitely don't wanna make it for a large group of guests.  There are so many elements to making sushi rolls (see below).  I guess it could shortcut if I used smoked salmon or flavoured tin tuna.
  1. Cook rice
  2. Make Japanese omelet
  3. Cook tuna with soy and ginger 
  4. Fry Bacon or Spam
  5. Cut cucumber
  6. Make sushi vinegar
  7. Make sushi rice
  8. Roll
  9. Cut
  10. Eat
Germinated Brown Rice (GBR) is the only brown rice I eat these days.  It's super easy to prepare.  Simply rinse and soak brown rice in plenty of water and leave it in room temperature until germinates, usually takes 1~3days.  Change water once or twice a day.

Once germinated, I rinse it again and leave 5mm of water above rice then cook in a pressure cooker for 25mins (start counting when you turn the heat on).  

GBR is easier to digest and stays moist when refrigerated like white rice.  I won't make sushi with normal brown rice.  It will be too dry and hard to eat without microwaving it the next day.  If I don't have GBR prepared, I will just use white rice.

Osuimono soup is a clear Dashi broth.  I just use Dashi pack and add whatever odd vegetables or protein I have in hand.

I made red sauce for Tofu by mixing soy sauce, garlic paste, Korean chilli powder, spring onion, roasted white sesame seeds and sesame oil.

I cooked too much again, didn't need Tofu.  Forgot how Sushi is so filling, 8 pieces per person will be plenty.

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