Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Leftover Roast Lamb Baked Beans

Monday Dinner

- Leftover Roast Lamb Baked Beans

What do you cook with leftover roast meat?  I usually cook stew, curry or baked beans in pressure cooker because it’s so easy and tasty.  Most beans aren't low carb except soy beans, you if you want low-carb, make with only soy beans or omit beans and make a stew or curry.

Just put leftover roast meat in pressure cooker with diced onion, celery, carrot, soaked dry beans, spices, bay leaf and 1~2 cups of water and/or tin tomato then turn on the heat.  I used red kidney beans(soaked), soy beans(soaked), green lentils(unsoaked), garam masala and cayenne pepper this time.  Cook for 20mins after pressurised and meat will fall off the bone.  

I added broccoli and minced coriander stem after the pressure cooker is depressurised naturally.  You could also add some of the carrot and celery at the end for texture.  Coriander stem has more aroma than its leaf and added freshness to the dish.  No need for salt and dinner is ready in 30mins.  Freeze leftover for an emergency lunch!

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